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The most successful office re-entry strategies begin with a focus on tenant experience

Return to Workplace

In order to best serve the needs of your tenants and employees — while ensuring a safe and comfortable workplace for all — you must engage with and understand them more than ever before. Among a growing digital landscape, now is the time to leverage HqO’s operating system to start gathering important data and creating custom solutions in the key areas of communications, safety, logistics, and health.

 know who's in your building

Know who is in your building

Through our Capacity Manager and Building Population Report features, asset and property managers can maintain office capacity limits while accessing centralized tenant and operational data. These enhancements — which are designed to easily manage, trace, and understand the employees that come into the office on a given day — align with evolving health and safety regulations while taking a critical first step towards improving building occupancy. 

Create touchless experiences

Your building occupants need to feel safe, not just be safe. Support them by aggregating all of your building’s technologies in one centralized location designed to make the tenant experience touch-free, socially distant, tech-enabled, and ultimately seamless. This includes integrating access control systems, digital health screenings before people enter the building, and even online food ordering and mobile order ahead.

touchless experiences
 keep your community informed

Keep your community informed

Make sure office trips are safe and efficient through consistent communications to tenants and building communities. Landlords can take advantage of in-app content and push notifications to reach their building occupants around topics such as critical office protocols and procedures, cleaning and maintenance schedules, emergency notifications, and more.

Engage tenants, no matter where they work

Provide safe ways to engage with virtual or on-site amenities and programming by exploring our growing Marketplace. From one single tool, property teams can navigate the crowded proptech landscape and identify pre-vetted, best-in-class partners that fit their specific needs. Whether your tenants are looking for ways to donate to their favorite causes or to participate in remote fitness classes, HqO customers can use the Marketplace to save time on procurement and accelerate innovation within their buildings.

Engage tenants

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