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Connecting top tier landlords and property management customers to a network of technology and amenity service providers, HqO’s tenant experience Marketplace solves the challenges of fragmentation and scale. 

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For Landlords and CRE

Source best-in-class technologies and service providers that fit your business.

For Developers

Seamlessly plug-in your technology to the platform for top real estate owners and operators.

For Vendors

Reach customers effectively by utilizing HqO distribution and technology.

What Is a Tenant Experience Marketplace?

In just a few short years, HqO’s portfolio has grown to nearly 100M sq. ft. of commercial office space in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Europe. As we have grown, our customers have taught us that every asset is unique. Differentiation today is about tenant experiences and technology to enhance those experiences.  

Owners and operators have a need to implement technology that is both tailored to their asset strategy and effective at scale. This typically requires lengthy procurement processes to identify best-in-breed point solutions. The HqO Marketplace enables CRE buyers to separate the signal from the noise and deploy an end-to-end solution through HqOS -- the operating system for commercial office buildings. The Marketplace enables third-party technologies to seamlessly “plug-in” to our commercial office buildings. 

The HqO Marketplace is a layer of HqOS built specifically to facilitate connections between CRE business leaders and best-in-class technology developers and vendors. From one single tool, property teams can navigate the crowded proptech landscape and identify pre-vetted partners that fit their specific needs.
Whether they need a new visitor management software or want to find a local yoga instructor, HqO customers can use the Marketplace to save time on procurement and accelerate innovation within their buildings. HqO partners benefit from HqO’s distribution channels and existing relationships to streamline the growth of their businesses.   

With HqOS and the HqO Marketplace facilitating and managing these many connections, CRE leaders can provide great experiences and earn tenant loyalty across their entire portfolio with ease. 

For Landlords and CRE Leaders

Every commercial office building is unique. Increasing asset value and NOI today requires finding innovative ways to increase occupancy and optimize operations. With the explosion of the proptech market in the past few years, identifying the right technology and amenity service providers has become a daunting and time-intensive task. Finding an easy, convenient place to discover, vet, and organize the partners you work with is a critical component that, until now, has been missing. We understand how overwhelming researching and vetting your technology and amenity stacks can be.

To address this challenge, we created the HqO Marketplace to be a one-stop-shop for CRE business leaders to find and qualify innovative partners with just a few clicks.

Through the Marketplace, HqO not only takes the pain out of the decision-making process, but we also provide white-glove service and solutions to help you find the best fit for your assets.

Beyond that service, we’re building the technology standards in the background that will ensure these technologies can plug right into your existing infrastructure, streamlining the user experience in your app.

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For Developers

Most landlords are overwhelmed by the over 7,000 technology companies serving commercial real estate. Differentiate your company and tap into HqO’s network of landlords covering over 90M square feet in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and France. 

By partnering with HqO and joining the Marketplace as a preferred partner, you’re letting your credentials speak for themselves, while allowing an easy, frictionless discovery experience for commercial real estate teams looking to feature the technology you offer in their building’s suite of amenities.

HqO has integration standards to expedite your ability to develop on top of the platform to provide the commercial real estate industry with the unified solution it is asking for. 

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For Vendors

Amenity service providers and vendors are a critical component of any successful tenant experience strategy at a commercial office property, and we’re excited to include them in our tenant experience Marketplace. 

The HqO Marketplace will allow you to:

  • Promote your services to our network of landlords

  • Utilize our technology for booking and payment

Once onboarded, our customers (including property, community management, marketing, and tenant experience teams) can book and pay for your services at their building via the Marketplace. Employees can then reserve appointments and RSVP to these events via the building app. All you have to do is provide the best-in-class service for which you are already known.

Examples include in-person wellness services like chair massages for office buildings; virtual, remote wellness and fitness classes offered through your building app; on-site visits from dentists and optometrists for teeth cleanings and eye exams; social impact events; and even virtual or in-person wine tastings. The opportunities are truly endless, and we are always looking to add new innovative partners.

For those who have adapted to a digital version of their service during the COVID-19 pandemic (or who had one in place prior), you will be able to cater to remote tenants through the HqO tenant experience mobile app.

The advantage to partnering with HqO is clear:

  • Gain and maintain a competitive edge in-market

  • Tailor your services to a commercial real estate customer

  • Receive HqO’s white-glove consultation to help you reach your ideal CRE buyer

Partner with HqO and join our tenant experience Marketplace today!

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