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Welcome to your marketplace partner dashboard


Follow the steps below to set-up your business in the HqO marketplace


Overview of the HqO Marketplace

  • Why should you participate in the marketplace ?
  • Download the marketplace one pager


Submit your business information

  • Please complete this survey
    • Company overview
    • Profile information
    • Pricing sheets + lookbooks (if required)

Are you integrating with HqO?

  • Download the latest HqO API Standards
    • Mobile Access
    • Order Ahead
    • Resource Booking
    • Services Booking
    • Visitor Registration
  • On-boarding steps
    • Confirm delivery date
    • Set up shared Slack channel
    • Access to testing environments

Marketplace FAQs

  • How does HqO create synergies between existing partners and landlord customers?
  • How do I get my business onto the marketplace?
  • How does HqO contract with partners?
  • Grey label vs white labeling apps?
  • Is HqO web enabled or app only?
  • How does HqO vet partners?

Developer FAQs

  • How has HqO historically handled integrations? Who are your existing partners?
    • Please see the breakdown here
  • Who is responsible for development work when integrating to the HqO app?
  • What are expectations for integration timelines?