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Boston's Seaport

The Top Event Spaces In Boston's Seaport Neighborhood

A quick list of potential places for your next company outing or event.
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Located on Seaport Blvd right next to District Hall, Kings is the newest attraction in the heart of Seaport. Kings is all about merging genuine food, creative cocktails, and social gaming to create an awesome entertainment experience. The decor is retro-inspired, so you feel like you’re back in the bowling alley glory days but with modern amenities.

The food at Kings is an added bonus, as they do a great job catering to large groups with no nonsense American classics like boneless buffalo wings, fried mac & cheese bites, and nachos. They have a full bar and lanes come with tables and staff to help make sure you are getting everything you need. 

At the end of the day, bowling is a great way to get all of your team members involved in something and potentially bring a bit of the competitive side out of your employees. Combine this fun activity with the upbeat, hip feel of Kings, and you have yourself a great recipe for an awesome company outing.

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60 Seaport Blvd Suite 225

Boston, MA 02210

(617) 401-0025


District Hall

Located right in the heart of the Seaport District, District Hall is the world’s first public innovation center. It is a dedicated not-for-profit civic space where the innovation community can gather and exchange ideas. District Hall boasts a comfortable, free open work space, assembly space, flexible use pods, and writable walls everywhere.

With respect to events, District Hall is extremely versatile and can handle almost any occasion.

“Whether you have 4 people in town for a brainstorming session or four hundred experts getting together to explore the future of their industry, there is a space here that will work for you.” In addition to numerous collaboration spaces, District Hall is in the same building as Gather, a phenomenal seafood restaurant, and Brew, a coffee and beer bar, so you can roll your event into a nice party or night out if you wish.

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75 Northern Ave

Boston, MA 02210

(617) 982-3213


Harpoon Brewery

The Harpoon Brewery has a great beer hall located towards the end of Northern Ave in Seaport. As you would imagine, they have all the Harpoon favorites on tap, including their extremely popular Harpoon IPA. The whole place has a very casual setup that almost reminds you of a german beer hall (long, wooden picnic tables run through most of it) while still maintaining a New England, cozy feel.

For any beer lovers, this place is great, as tours of the brewery (which only take a few minutes) come with a tasting (a few ounces each) of 12 beers, and gives you the the details of how Harpoon brews its favorite beers. The only thing to eat here are their handmade pretzels that come with a choice of 2 sauces (there are 10 available flavors), and this classic duo is the perfect combination for relaxing and appreciating your beer.

If you wish to host your own private event here, you can rent out sections or all of the brewery for your employees to come and sample beers & eat an inordinate amount of pretzels. Typically, tours of the brewery come as a part of these events, and it is a great place to kick off a night out in the Seaport if you’re looking to celebrate with your colleagues.

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306 Northern Ave

Boston, MA 02210

(617) 456-2322



Sunday-Wednesday: 11:00am - 7:00pm

Thursday-Saturday: 11:00am - 11:00pm


Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Not too much to tell here that you don’t already know; the convention center hosts a multitude of events throughout the year that could be relevant to your business or your industry. It is always good to stay up on their event schedule and attend, or host a booth, at whatever may apply - depending on where you are in you marketing strategy. In the spring and summer, events here can be positively amplified by the addition of “The Lawn on D”, one of Boston’s my dynamic outdoor event space, where you can get drinks and participate in sponsored events (or host your own) with your colleagues. On nice weather days in Boston, The Lawn on D’s modern take on outdoor space and activities (like concerts, cornhole, and fitness series) will surely entertain any group.

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415 Summer St

Boston, MA 02210

(617) 954-2000