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Boston's Seaport

The Top Spots For A Breakfast Meeting In Boston's Seaport Neighborhood

Need to have an important early morning meeting in Seaport? Look no further if in search of a good spot to sit down and grab breakfast.
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Outlook Kitchen + Bar

Outlook Kitchen & Bar is the often less talked about restaurant at Envoy Hotel in Seaport, and it is a great spot for a sit down breakfast if you’re in the area. The view from Outlook may not be quite as impressive as the view from their rooftop bar, Lookout, but you still get to overlook the Barking Crab and many of Boston’s Financial District buildings. Outlook is also located just over the bridge into Seaport, so it’s about as easy to get to as something can be in the Seaport.

Perhaps most importantly, there is something for everyone on Outlook’s menu. Folks who like a more traditional breakfast will find pancakes, omelets, eggs, and bacon available in a number of ways on the menu. And for those who are more adventurous, the Lobster Benedict and Smoked Salmon are extremely successful. These factors, in addition to their signature coffee blend and affordable prices, make this an extremely versatile breakfast option: good for clients, friends, and family.

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70 Sleeper St, Envoy Hotel

Boston, MA 02211

(617) 338-3031



Everyday 6:30am - 11:00pm



Located in the Seaport Hotel on Seaport Lane, Aura Restaurant is a great, reasonably priced Seaport breakfast option. It doesn’t quite have the lively atmosphere of some of the other restaurants you might find in Seaport (it’s designed to feel like a captain’s quarters on a ship), but the food is wonderful. You simply can’t go wrong with any “Create Your Own Omelet” option, and their 3 different kinds of eggs benedict are great for those looking to mix it up a bit.

You can also go with a $23 breakfast buffet here that allows you to feast on just about everything on the menu, including eggs benedict and assorted cheeses. If you’re looking for a more cozy place to have a sitdown with a client or a friend, this is a great option.

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1 Seaport Ln

Boston, MA 02210

(617) 385-4300



Monday: 6:30am - 2:00pm

Tuesday-Friday: 6:30am - 10:30pm

Saturday: 6:30am - 11:30pm

Sunday: 7:30am - 12:30pm



Located in the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, Sauciety is a good option for a sitdown breakfast. That being said, while the breakfast buffet may be $24, there are certainly no shortage of options: eggs, bacon, potatoes, meats, cheeses, you get the drift. It’s been reviewed positively very consistently online, although service may slow down a bit if you go the buffet route. I personally would order off the menu. Who can eat enough to make a buffet worth it?? One pretty cool perk here is that the coffee included with your buffet is Starbucks coffee as there is a Starbucks in the Westin.

This may be one of the pricier options for a breakfast in the area, but it has comfortable seating and some nice views of the surrounding Seaport buildings. Sauciety is RIGHT next to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, so be weary if there is a big conference going on, this place will likely be swamped.

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425 Summer St

Boston, MA 02210

(617) 532-4670


Breakfast Hours:

Monday–Friday: 6:30am - 11am

Saturday: 7am - 11:30am

Sunday: 7am - 12pm