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The Only Tenant Experience Platform Built to Connect Your Entire Portfolio

HqO provides executives and their teams the insights to adapt to evolving market dynamics and tenant needs globally. Our industry-leading integrations, analytics and partnerships ecosystem put intelligent insights from your entire data set directly in your hands.

A competitive advantage

TeX intelligence as a competitive advantage

HqO is the only tenant experience solution that provides intelligence and analytics across your entire data set. Get insights from every integration, service, amenity, and event type, including:

  • Proprietary benchmark data for national and regional markets
  • Insights that help you anticipate emerging demographics and strategically shift to serve them before the competition
  • Real-time tenant feedback to help you develop new business value from data streams and building economies
Data as an asset

Turn your data into a transferable asset

The HqO platform was built with the promise of unlocking new business value. Turn data into actionable insights that help you:

  • Anchor retail, services, and community to the building
  • Align CapEx investments with tenant priorities
  • Improve and measure tenant satisfaction with real-time feedback loops
  • Increase lease retention and drive higher rent averages for your portfolio
  • Streamline reporting with monthly analytics and reporting solutions
"HqO had the best stats for continued tenant use and was one of the few that could produce that data quickly."
Mihir Shah
Mihir Shah

JLL Spark

“HqO has proven to be a valuable tool in building an innovation ecosystem in the Jamestown portfolio.”
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips

President, Jamestown

Best in class

The most advanced ecosystem and partnership solution

The HqO Platform allows you to standardize building technology into a single mobile app, delivering greater functionality than other solutions on the market. Help your CRE teams achieve excellence, with options such as:

  • Streamline retail, food and beverage, services, and events into a single one-click tenant-facing application
  • Integrate with leading national technology and service providers
  • Access features ranging from parking and transit solutions to building access and retail order-ahead capabilities
  • Craft a technology-driven tenant experience that supports your building’s unique needs
A Branded Experience

The industry leading branded TeX experience

HqO’s white labeling capability allows CRE teams to create unique, branded tenant experiences. Develop a mobile experience that lets you own every inch of the tenant relationship by:

  • Empowering you to determine how to present your brand in-market
  • Supporting a cohesive portfolio brand experience, as well as asset-level branding and localization
  • Enabling surveys and rating of all amenities directly within the app to support tenant feedback and track overall satisfaction with scores like TSAT and NPS
  • Offering marketing teams the functionality needed to develop efficient, tenant-focused digital experiences

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