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A Tenant Experience (TeX) strategy to power your property

Better understand your tenants

  • Analytics and engagement

    A snapshot of the transactions, amenities, and property announcements that are engaging tenants in the building

  • Administration and management

    Streamlined access to tenant controls, on-boarding/off-boarding, mobile access/security control, and content management that goes into your mobile strategy

  • Amenity satisfaction

    See what amenities are most appreciated by tenants with the ability to easily and quickly make adjustments to tenant offerings

Improve your tenant experience

  • Mobile building access
    A critical component to how your tenants interact with your property, let your tenants access the building via their smartphone instead of easily misplaced RFID cards and keyfobs

  • Transit data and alerts 
    You can't make your tenants' commute any shorter, but you can make it more convenient and enjoyable by integrating with and surfacing data about local transit (private shuttles, public transportation, ride/bike shares, and traffic)

  • Retail
    Increase revenue and loyalty at onsite retail operations by making it easier and rewarding for tenants via exclusive mobile discounts, order-ahead functionality, and group ordering

Empower your property team with tech

  • Make your property team experts in TeX
    A modern understanding of what makes tenants stay in your space and the knowledge to meet tenants where they are - their phones

  • Improve building operations
    Save your property teams time, effort, and cycles. Make tenants happier with more easily accessible and clear mobile communication and alerts with tenants

  • Optimized Amenities
    Enhance existing and discover new amenities your tenants want all while connecting the tenant community to retail in the building, achieving higher volumes through tech

Enhance revenue with TeX software

  • Achieve ROI
    Improve net operating income to increase asset value and achieve considerable return on investment with TeX proptech
  • Create and capture ecommerce revenue
    Activate on- and offsite amenity providers and retailers with TeX ecommerce functionality, offering loyalty rewards and perks, and helping retailers succeed
  • Increase rent and occupancy
    Create an exceptional property experience that attracts new tenants, drives loyalty with existing tenants, and creates opportunities for profit increase from rent

Upgrade your TeX strategy today

Create a workplace your tenants never want to leave with HqO’s TeX platform. By enhancing and amenitizing your property through software and services, HqO is a key access point for tenants to experience your physical space.


Transportation Integrations

Convenient updates, tracking, and access to shuttles, garages, and public transit for tenants:
  • Provide tenants with real-time tracking of shuttles to public transportation to help them map their day
  • Integrate with existing transit data to provide content where they are most – their mobile phones
  • Connect with third party systems for ease of access to parking garages, shuttles, ride or bike share

Smart Building

Converged IoT integrations to simplify building access, occupancy data, and more for tenants:
  • Integrate with building access systems to simplify how tenants and their guests enter your property
  • Connect existing proptech that surfaces crowdsourced tenant preference data on the facilities 
  • Simplify process and transparency around amenity space and conference room booking

Retail & Commerce

All-in-one amenity and onsite retail solutions that delight your tenants:
  • Enable your tenant community to easily and conveniently purchase from onsite retailers with order-ahead functionality
  • Payment, loyalty, and rewards programs that will drive an additional layer of revenue to your property
  • Place group orders for lunch take-out and corporate catering


Improved tenant notifications, alerts & security, concierge messaging, and custom content:
  • Make your building app the only destination that tenants turn to for up to date information about the property
  • Swiftly and efficiently reach your tenant community with the push of a button
  • Share informative and fun content that will engage your tenant community around the property, the neighborhood, and each other 
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An easy to use admin interface that helps your property team and makes their day-to-day more efficient:
  • Simple controls over who has access to the building, certain alerts & notifications, and custom content preferences
  • Safety protocols and building-wide alerts that make your tenant community better informed and more secure
  • Analytics you need, from a snapshot to a deep dive, to make your property more profitable 
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Make your TeX strategy a success


Launch Services

Curated experiences and events that will drive amenity excitement, app engagement, and property loyalty within your tenant community. 


Ongoing Engagement

Content, knowledge, and resources aimed to empower property teams and drive longterm success around tech for your property.


TeX Education

The leading owners and property teams are knowledgable and certified to provide modern tenant experiences in order to drive NOI and enhance revenue. 


Learn how HqO can be a revenue enhancement platform for your property

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