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The Technology behind HqOS

The Technology behind HqOS

Built from the ground up, HqOS technology offers the end-to-end operating system for commercial office buildings.

A true differentiator and the gold standard in the tenant experience industry, HqOS will revolutionize the way commercial real estate stakeholders manage and elevate their building experience. We’ve established API standards across multiple verticals to enable platform developers to plug in and add value to your properties and customers.  Through these and other integration methods, we’ve brought a range of technologies together via the HqO Marketplace, where you can select the partners and services that work for you. Finally, we’re launching the Digital Grid, an interoperable analytics capability that will combine human behavior, amenities data, and streams from IoT-enabled devices per building or trans-assets.

What will HqOS do for your team?  Book a consultation with our technology team to learn more about how HqOS

  • Centralizes best-in-class amenity services and providers through the HqOS Marketplace
  • Provides white-glove consultation and app configuration support
  • Enables data-driven decision making
  • Gathers insights on your physical building, amenity stack, and tenants
  • Organizes that data at a scale the CRE community has never seen
  • Builds your data modeling foundation

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