Modern commercial real estate operates more like a B2C business.

HqO provides landlords with both the software and strategy needed to deliver value and improve the work life of their individual tenant employees.

HqO Offerings

Bringing CRE teams closer to their customer.

Extend and optimize the experience that tenants have with your buildings, your portfolio, and your brand.


Give tenants their time back by curating on-demand services onsite so they don't have to run errands after work.


Streamline access to the property for tenants and guests and provide consistent alerts around emergency protocols


Make work fun by giving people in the building better access to events and experiences that bring the tenant community together.


Make it easier for tenants to participate in corporate social good activities, fundraisers, and environmental initiatives.

food and beverage

Connect tenants with an exciting range of food and beverage options both onsite as well as within the surrounding neighborhood.


Support a healthy community by making health and fitness initiatives accessible and part of the daily routine for the entire tenant community.


Enable productivity by making commuting as convenient as possible with tech-driven property accessibility enhancements.


An Award Winning Mobile App

HqO offers tenants an award-winning mobile app that optimizes their workday and connects them to the content and communities in and around their building.



Let tenants control their environment with access, booking, and facility integrations

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Give tenants one place to book and pay for food, amenities, events, and services

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Use alerts, messaging, event management, and concierge functionality to connect your tenants in the real world



Arm your tenants with the in-app info, notifications, and directories they need to make their daily routines more productive and convenient

Here's how HqO helps to grow your business

HqO is a software platform that empowers landlords to create 1-1 customer relationships with tenants.


Create an Experience 

Effectively market each assets’ customer experience, including amenities and community in a branded mobile app.


Become Data Driven

Be smarter and more efficient when making asset-level decisions around amenity procurement and tenant curation.


Increase Asset Value

New revenue streams: wallet and transaction fees. And opex decisions. getting smarter about what experience you're delivering.

Join the leading property owners that have upgraded their tenant experience with HqO

The HqO Offering

Through a combination of technology and strategic services, HqO helps you prove the value of Tenant Experience for your business and improve tenant engagement and customer retention.


HqO Tenant Experience Mobile App

Whitelabled mobile app that gives your tenant community a remote control to your property.


HqO Tenant Experience Platform

A simple interface that gives your property and asset management team greater insight and improved interactions with tenants.


HqO Tenant Experience Strategy Team

Custom programs to amenitize your property based on your tenants’ interests and digitize your neighborhood amenities and experiences in a mobile interface.


Learn how HqO can increase your property value

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