Real estate is now a
user experience business

Tenant experiences, not physical assets, are disrupting real estate

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A remote control for your property

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The updates that your tenants depend on like transit, shuttle, and traffic tracking in one place

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Smart Building

A software and IoT layer that gives tenants access to your connected property


Amenities and Commerce

Reservation, order and payment integrations for your premium amenity offerings



Property notifications, concierge messaging functionality, and custom content to connect your tenant community

TeX software: real estate’s new revenue enhancement platform


Attract new tenants

In the war for talent, a smart building and exceptional workplace experience helps your tenants stand apart from the competition. 


Retain your tenants

The millennial workforce expects a tech-enabled office experience and creating a place they love to work at every day directly contributes to tenant loyalty. 


Increase asset value

UX in real estate is a top priority and TeX software is no longer merely a nice to have – it’s driving real value for owners.

Join the leading property owners that have upgraded their tenant experience with HqO


The HqO Offering


Tenant App

The mobile app that gives your tenant community a remote control to your property
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Administrative Panel

A simple interface that gives your property and asset management team greater insight and improved interactions with tenants


A dedicated product & engineering team building for the 99% of people who interact with your property every day - your tenants

Services and Support

Custom programs to amenitize your property based on your tenants’ interests and digitize your neighborhood amenities and experiences in a mobile interface.

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Property Owners

Commercial real estate has transformed into a user experience business. Attract and retain the best tenants and increase your asset value by providing the best possible experience with software.

Asset Managers

Create a premium tenant experience that makes your property stand apart from the competition. Maximize property value by emphasizing experience to attract the most innovative tenants and drive revenue.

Property Managers

Activate your property, integrate amenities through software and access tools to better communicate with and effectively connect your tenant communities.


Attract the most innovative tenants. Add additional value for your clients by bringing HqO to their properties.

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