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As the leading operating system powering tenant experience, HqO is trusted by the top landlords in 7 countries worldwide. Our company is driven by technology and innovation, and we’re committed to building the best experiences for you and your tenants.


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HqO powers the tenant experience of the world’s top landlords

“Connecting with our tenants is a critical part of [our efforts], and HqO has enabled us to engage directly with the people working in our buildings. We have received positive feedback from our tenants, and the value of this platform has continued to increase in the COVID-19 environment.”

– Jay Scholten, Vice President, Innovation and Asset Management at The Swig Company

“The [HqO] app gives us the opportunity to provide services and convenience in a lot of different ways that create better experiences for tenants. This is especially critical now because of the pandemic. We’re able to communicate and deliver virtual events, engagement, and services in a way that wouldn’t be possible without technology.”

– Natalie Teear, Vice President of Sustainability and Social Impact at Hudson Pacific Properties

“Appointing HqO has enhanced our reach to all occupiers in ways we never thought possible. The ability to understand the needs of all tenant groups and give a voice to the retailers has been critical to us this year more so than ever. The feedback the HqO platform provides us and our ability to respond instantly has become a game changer.”

– Paul Harris, Vice President, Global Real Assets, Real Estate Europe at J.P. Morgan

“HqO has been a tremendous partner as we continue to energize the Willis Tower neighborhood and create a world class office workspace environment. From the very outset, HqO was willing and eager to listen and adapt to our needs. This approach continued into the pre-launch preparations with their entire team, who were all aligned in a collaborative approach in order to develop the very best product and experience. This momentum has lasted well past our launch and further improved now that we are seeking out and implementing new features, reporting, and improvements. HqO is a valued partner, helping us improve our customer’s experience, and I look forward to continuing a long relationship together.”

– David Moore, SVP, EQ Office

“Once we’d seen the value in the platform, we worked with HqO to further develop a publicly available version of the app. Our visitors are now more connected and we love that they can order from the food trucks to avoid queues.”

– Paul Harris, Vice President, Global Real Assets, Real Estate Europe at J.P. Morgan

“HqO has proven to be a valuable tool in building an innovation ecosystem in the Jamestown portfolio.”

– Michael Phillips, President, Jamestown

“The team has listened to our needs and understands our vision and culture. [They] have been very responsive and all content updates are done in a timely manner. We appreciate working with a very proactive team, and look forward to a long positive relationship.”

– Michael Dekrmnjian, Property Manager, Innovation and Design Building

“We have worked well together to develop a product that has functionality that our tenants can use. [HQO] is receptive to our suggestions to progress the product even further.”

– Niamh O’Maille, Marketing Manager, Innovation and Design Building

“Our work with HqO is a critical part of being able to provide a consistent, user-friendly experience to our tenants while building out more integrated features and functionality on the backend.”

– Chad Phillips, Managing Director and Head of U.S. Office, Nuveen Real Estate

“Building shuttle usage data helped us determine that our shuttles are running at full capacity and that we might need to consider upscaling. Similarly, tenant engagement data has helped us understand the type of events/services our tenants like the most and plan more throughout the year.”

– Michael Dekrmnjian, Property Manager, Innovation and Design Building

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