Digital Grid

Enable data-driven decision making

Centralize your portfolio’s building, amenity, and tenant behavior data

Digital Grid

What is the Digital Grid?

The Digital Grid is an intraoperative analytics offering that collects tenant behavior, amenities, and building data all in one place. By centralizing and structuring data within our CRE-specific data model, the Digital Grid helps owners and operators uncover insights, take action to differentiate their assets, and make intelligent decisions across their portfolio.

  • Provide visibility into the technologies, amenities, people, and spaces in your building
  • Enable data driven decision making differentiate their assets from competitors
  • Unlock asset benchmarking by joining the industry’s only network of integrated data sets

Building Data

Standardize reporting across your portfolio

  • Collect and organize building and regional data 
  • Ensure data accuracy with HqO’s CRE-specific data model 
  • Integrate data from other technologies and partners

Building Data

Amenities Data

Amenities Data

See how your investments are performing

  • Access amenity & experience data in one place
  • Compare amenities & experiences data to industry benchmarks
  • Take action to improve experiences and operational efficiency

People & Programming Data

Discover what drives tenant decision making 

  • Centralize tenant suite, square footage, and industry data
  • Measure engagement for each tenant company
  • Inform retention and leasing strategies

People and Programming Data

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