Digital Grid

Organize your building data and join the industry's only network of integrated data sets.

What is the Digital Grid?

In order to keep up with tenant demand and continue to drive occupancy within their assets, owners and operators have a need to implement technology that is both tailored to their asset strategy and effective at scale.

However, the proptech space has ballooned to over 8,000 companies in a very short period of time, and a lack of interoperability and centralized technology decision-making has left many CRE executives with a frustrating problem: their portfolios are full of fragmented technology solutions.

The data executives should own on their buildings and tenants flows out to third parties instead of back to where it belongs — with the people who own the building. As assets add more technologies, they create disjointed experiences for their customers and add more complexity for themselves.

We created the Digital Grid — the foundational layer of HqOS — to solve this very problem by organizing building analytics and establishing a network of interconnected data sets to provide the greatest value to our customers.

By centralizing data through interoperability and structuring data through CRE-specific taxonomy, the Digital Grid enables intelligent decision making and operational efficiency across portfolios.

Whether you are a property manager trying to pick the perfect event for next month’s programming calendar, or an executive preparing to go to the capital markets to raise a new fund, the better the data you have to make your decisions, the more successful you will be.

With HqOS and the Digital Grid delivering valuable insights, CRE executives can effectively and efficiently operate their entire portfolio with ease.

Collect tenant behavior, amenities, and system data in an interoperable analytics offering

Collect tenant behavior, amenities, and system data in an interoperable analytics offering

Value for CRE owners has a strong correlation to tenant experience, and understanding what your tenants do and what they like will help you operate your building as efficiently as possible. The Digital Grid enables interoperability between the many different technologies and datasets that make up real estate portfolios and allows owners to finally get the full picture of how their assets are performing.

  • Collect and centralize all data on your building’s functions
  • Extract actionable trends on asset and portfolio performance
  • Uncover new ways to improve tenant experiences and drive occupancy
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Join other top landlords on the Digital Grid network

Join other top landlords on the Digital Grid network

With over 100M square feet of commercial office space and 200 individual assets leveraging HqOS, the Digital Grid unlocks intelligence and informs decisions that most commercial office owners have historically had to make with little or no data. By connecting to the Digital Grid and becoming a part of the network, our customers can unlock the power of big data to optimize portfolio performance.

  • Enable intelligence at building (node), portfolio (subnet), and municipal (network) levels
  • Leverage CRE-specific data standards to enable benchmarking
  • View benchmarks by building class, market, tenant mix and more
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Enable data-driven decision-making at scale for CRE professionals

Enable data-driven decision-making at scale for CRE professionals

The Digital Grid is a data utility that provides intelligence to our customers so they can operate their buildings effectively, reduce churn, and maintain a profitable portfolio. There are clear applications and benefits of reliable, real-time data for property managers, leasing teams, asset managers, and executives. As our portfolio continues to grow, we continue to uncover new and exciting ways to help our clients win.

  • Empower asset and property teams to deliver differentiated office experiences
  • Provide executive teams with a new data set to evaluate potential acquisitions
  • Build a foundation of data modeling to enable smarter buildings
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